Thursday, August 5, 2010

Come Rain, Come Shine

I was very excited to open the door yesterday, to see a package from AGCI on my front doorstep. We received our adoption planner and dossier. I immediately opened the binder and began to thumb through it. I soon discovered that all of the dossier papers said China and the document CD was also labeled China. Oops! I called AGCI and they apologized for the mix up and said they would overnight the Rwanda dossier papers. Our dossier call is scheduled for this Thursday.Justin was home from work yesterday, so we decided to go get our fingerprints taken for our FBI check. It is very important that we get this done soon, because it can take a while to get the results in. So, we all loaded up in the car yesterday as the rain began to pour down around us. When we arrived Justin dropped the boys and I off at the door while he parked, so we wouldn't get soaking wet. I had joked with Justin on the way there that we were going to get those fingerprints done and mailed off, "come rain, come shine." When we all got to the police station we learned that everyone had gone home for the day, because the air was out. The officer told us it was 115 degrees in the building. So, we are going to try again on Monday. We just had to laugh!

We have had so many little bumps in the road of our adoption journey so far. We decided in Feb. that we wanted to adopt from Africa. From there we began looking for an agency, then a local home study agency. I really thought when we started that we would be done with our home study and dossier by the end of summer and be on the waiting list for our child by early fall. Well, it is now August and we are just starting our dossier. I will admit this has been pretty frustrating for me, but I know that is is about God's timing, not mine. I keep reminding myself that He has our daughter picked out for us and we just have to trust Him. Each little bump and turn in the road is leading us to Mia. Also, if everything was going "perfectly" or in my time I wouldn't be trusting in God and relying on Him. I would miss out on the lessons He wants me to learn.

Guess what just arrived as I was typing this...our Rwanda Dossier papers! God's timing is perfect! We will continue to trust in Him, come rain or come shine.

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  1. I totally understand the whole "roadblocks" thing too! In fact, I just posted about it yesterday! God has been showing us so much about "His timing" too! Have to keep reminding myself that every little "roadblock" or "wait" is just His way of aligning us perfectly with our daughter!