Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Smile Closer Update

I wanted to give a little update on our photography fundraiser. So far we have raised $1800 for our adoption! Justin has been very busy taking and editing pictures. He is working hard and I am very proud of him! We have been so encouraged through this experience. It has been great to share our story and what God is doing in our lives. God has been so faithful to provide and we are thankful to everyone who has contributed to our adoption fund. Today Justin and I were talking about how amazing it is to see the Lord working in the little details. A few weeks ago we had to cancel several sessions for various reasons, bad weather, illness, etc. I know things like this happen, but it was a little discouraging to me. I decided to start praying before each session that things would go well and that God would be glorified. Last weekend we planned to travel 2 hours away to visit friends and take pictures. It rained on us much of the way and was very overcast the entire time. I kept praying that the rain would hold off until we were able to take the pics. The weather ended up being perfect for both sessions. The lighting was great and it wasn't too terribly hot, for July in Louisiana anyways. Less than 30 minutes after shooting the rain began to pour. Today we had another photo shoot that was overcast. We got a few drops of rain which was enough to cool things off a bit, but not enough to send us all inside. God is continually showing us that He is in this adoption process. He cares about the details and He is providing for us in amazing ways.
We have 6 photo sessions scheduled next week when we are in Texas. If you live in the DFW area and are interested in a photo session, please let us know. We still have a few spots open next week. We will be there July 28-31.


  1. Love the pictures ya'll are taking! Precious! So glad that God has used this to raise so much money for your adoption expenses! What a blessing! Love watching how He always provides!!

  2. I love all the pictures, Justin does amazing work! So sad we were out of town when you were in Texas, definitely let me know next time you come back and maybe we can set up a photo shoot.