Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach Vacation

Last week we spent a few days in Orange Beach, Alabama. We had so much fun with our family, most of whom we don't get to see very often. I just wanted to post a few pics from our trip. I have a few more that I will post soon. Due to the oil spill we didn't spend much time on the beach. We spent most of our time at the pools at our condo, but of course I have no pics of that.

The last time Jax went to the beach he was just a baby, so I am sure he didn't remember it. He loved the sand! He wasn't so sure about the ocean water, which was fine with me since we didn't dress for swimming.
Sawyer also loved the sand, but he was also a big fan of the ocean. We just couldn't keep him out of it. He was soaking wet from head to toe by the time we left.
Me and my sweet hubby. We celebrated our 8th anniversary this past Tuesday. I am so thankful to have him in my life. He is the best husband to me and an incredible father to our boys and even baby Mia. I am thankful to have this compassionate and loving man to share my life with.
The beach boys: Justin, Akon, Jax, Uncle Jon, and Sawyer.
One group shot before we go hose Sawyer off and head to play putt-putt.
We had some yummy seafood at Doc's the first night of our trip.
This was the little boys first time riding go carts. The big boys appeared to be having more fun, but my little boys are still talking about it. They had a blast!
Team Bufkin trying our hand at a little putt-putt golf.

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