Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayers and Praises

I decided that I want to document the prayers that the Lord answers during our adoption journey. We know we will encounter challenges and I want to focus on the good things God is doing in our lives.

1. When we attended the adoption conference back in February, we knew we wanted to adopt, but didn't know where we wanted to adopt from. We prayed that God would show us clearly where our baby was. We felt He was calling us to adopt from Africa and now we know that Rwanda is where our child is waiting for us.
2. We knew from the start that we wanted to use the Louisiana Baptist Children's home.Thankfully the agencies were able to work together to make this happen.
3. Our application was accepted!
4. Last month I began having some unusual vision problems. I went to several doctors and was diagnosed by the opthamologist with uveitis or inflammation in my eyes. I have been through a battery of tests in the last month and everything has come back normal. My eyes are back to normal and I am feeling great!
5. We have received amazing support from our families and friends!
6. Our photography fundraiser is off to a great start!

Prayer Requests
1. We are currently trying to decide what other fundraisers to do.
2. We are beginning our home study next week. Pray things will go well and that we will be diligent with getting things done (paperwork, etc).
3. My eye condition will not return.
4. We had a tough week last week (car in the shop, a visit to the e.r. for my husband, a toddler who refuses to nap, several broken household items including computer.) Pray that we will not be discouraged, but to push on toward our goal of glorifying God in all we do. Justin is fine by the way. He just had a mild concussion. We are praying for a less eventful week this week.

I plan to update this list at least once a month. We truly appreciate your prayers!


  1. Girl, I totally understand!! We will be praying hard! The adoption process is a spiritual battle, and we have learned that Satan would love nothing more than to make us feel discouraged, distracted, and disappointed in this journey...we are fighting back with lots of prayer and God's Word! So glad to know how we can pray for your family! And I am excited that ya'll will be starting the home study next week! YAY!!!

  2. Praying for you during this amazing journey...

  3. So true! I just told my husband last night that this week we have been having just confirmed to me that we are doing what God wants. Satan doesn't like it and is trying to distract and discourage us. Thanks for your prayers. We will lift your family up as well!