Friday, April 23, 2010

Sara Groves, "I Saw What I Saw"


  1. Hi Meredith-
    I got your message on my blog and yes you can post it, follow it or what ever you like! Kelsey just gave me your blog address as well. I was SO excited that you guys were adopting from Rwanda(even though I don't know you). I met another family Sunday and they know 2 more families in the middle Tn area adopting from Rwanda... so neat to hear that families are embracing adoption! There is an African fellowship group that meets locally(we went Sunday for the first time)-- amazing to see so many children who are no longer orphans! I actually packaged up a couple of t-shirts for you guys after I ran into Kelsey on Friday--still need to get them mailed! Hope you enjoy them and hope we get to meet sometime!

  2. That is so sweet Elizabeth! Please let me know how much I owe you for the shirts. It really is encouraging to hear other adoption stories. God is certainly at work!